SAR- Synthetic Aperture Radar

ASELSAN's Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is an airborne radar system for high resolution ground imaging and for the detection of moving targets on the ground. SAR systems are valuable in airborne surveillance applications, allowing for effective 24/7 imaging under all kinds of adverse weather conditions. ASELSAN's system offers the finest resolution achievable in its class.

Three distinct operating modes allow for flexible use based on mission requirements. The Spotlight Mode provides high resolution imaging of a specific area of interest, the Stripmap Mode offers imaging of broader areas, and the GMTI modes enables the detection of moving targets on the ground. The system employs a modular design approach, and thus can be conveniently integrated on various manned and unmanned aircraft. The radar can be employed in a variety of military and civilian applications involving airborne surveillance and imaging. 

ASELSAN's SAR System is the right option for international customers seeking a technically upper-class yet cost-effective sensor.​

Important Features
X-Band transmission frequency
37km maximum range
Slotted waveguide array antenna
Stripmap/Spotlight/GMTI Modes
Automatic antenna positioning and stabilization
Automatic motion compensation
Tailored interfaces for convenient integration on various aircraft
Platform-specific radome design