Coverage Analysis and Frequency Planning

ASELSAN aims to provide maximum quality and wide coverage with the available facilities in the work area, ensuring the system features determined by the user requirements and performance criteria according to the technical specifications, performs below activities;

    Base Station Planning (number, location, features, etc.)
    Coverage Area Estimation and Analysis
    Survey and Construction Works
    Frequency planning (for conventional / trunk systems)
    Base Station Configuration (Antenna, Transmitter Power, etc.)
    Coverage Verification
    Coverage Optimization

In order to provide the targeted coverage area, the Coverage Area Estimation and Analysis is performed via software according to the information that comes from Base Station Planning. As a result of the analysis, the planned base stations are visited on site in Survey phase and tested for applicability and construction works are started.


In the Frequency Planning and Base Station Configuration phases, for the purpose of preventing undesired situations (such as interference) and providing maximum coverage, the operating parameters of the base stations (frequency, transmitter power, antenna type) are planned by using the frequency allocated to the user in most efficient way. The plan is applied to the devices and optimization is done due to the requirements after the completing the test for verification.