4900 Atlas Mobile Repeaters

Mobile repeater radios are needed to increase the communication distance between the radios during operation, search-and-rescue, etc. where the system is out of range. The mobile repeater radio has critical safety features that make it easy to transport and quickly set up. The 4900 Atlas Mobile Repeater Radios are devices that meet these needs. In addition to these advantages, the usage scenario is greatly expanded by the innovative features such as dual loop operation of the mobile repeater radio used (both in the VHF and UHF frequency bands) and the provision of infrastructure suitable for developing new software / services since it has a Linux operating system.

Another advantage is that these mobile repeater radios, which are also advantageous in terms of weight and size compared to other mobile repeater radios, can be used as a base station configuration (system relay) or as a terminal if desired.

There are also 4900 Atlas Mobile Repeater Radio models that support only VHF or UHF frequency bands. With these models, it is possible to achieve higher transmit power and thus extend the coverage area.

The 4900 Atlas Mobile Repeater Radio configurations use Aselsan's original design "Mobile Receiver-Transmitter and Repeater Radio Equipment (MATE)" as the receiver-transmitter unit. This device can be used for different functions in different scenarios with simple level hardware and software changes.