4700 Mobile Radios

ASELSAN 4700 Mobile Radios have been used for many years by thousands of public safety personnel who need to use radio in vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, patrol vehicles in both Turkey and many countries around the world.

The use of vehicle radios in the field of public safety provides many additional advantages. The most important advantage provided is about the coverage area. Access to the system is possible at much longer distances, as vehicle radios have higher power than hand-held radios. Another factor expanding coverage area is to use high earner antennas in vehicle radio antennas than handheld radios. Usage of a vehicle radio prevents signal distortions caused by the metal construction of the vehicle due to the antenna mounting on outside of the vehicle. When the handheld radio is used in the vehicle, the received and transmitted signals may be distorted because the antenna is in the metal structure. It is also advantageous to use the car radio when the usage period is taken into consideration. Since vehicle radios are supplied from the battery, it is possible for the radio to be used and communicated for a much longer period of time than when the hand-held radio battery is in use, if a high-capacity battery is used in the car.

It is possible to transmit and receive analog, digital-clear (no encryption), encrypted software and / or encrypted hardware signals in 4700 Mobile Radios as it is in 4700 Portable Radios. There are also different models designed and produced according to frequency bands (VHF or UHF) that will be used and according to P25 conventional, P25 trunk, DMR conventional, DMR trunk and ASELSAN developed SK2 digital communication protocols.

4700 Mobile Radios has an LCD display and alphanumeric keypad. Keys on the body can be used for all functions, such as SMS sending, name entry, etc., which require the use of an alphanumeric key. The display and keypad can be separated from the body, allowing the body and display to be mounted in different locations within the vehicle. Through its connectors, it allows you to connect various accessories and a PC, such as a loudspeaker, an external GPS. It is possible to use the radios as a modem for data applications via PC connection. On PC, messaging, enquiry, vehicle-personnel follow up applications that are developed by ASELSAN can be used as a usage scenario. 4700 Mobile Radios are also preferred in SCADA systems due to their high output