Multi-Purpose Advanced Transceiver Equipment (MATE)

MATE is the latest and most advanced receiver- transmitter unit designed by ASELSAN for public safety communication systems.

MATE offers a flexible structure for different usage scenarios thanks to its hardware and software features. This receiver- transmitter unit can be used as;

    Vehicular Radio
    Desktop Radio
    Mobile Repeater Radio
    Repeater Radio (Fixed Type)
    Telephone Connection Device

Thanks to its hardware, MATE can operate in analog, digital clear and digital encrypted channels in both VHF and UHF bands, and can connect to different devices via different interfaces.

Thanks to its Linux operating system the software of MATE is open to development. There are different services on MATE that can create solutions to different usage scenarios. In addition to existing services, it is possible to develop new services.

This device can be used in P25, DMR and SK2 (communication protocol developed by ASELSAN) communication systems.

The MATE configuration can be changed with simple level modifications to the software and hardware. For example; A fan can be added for high output configurations, or different software can be installed on the device to switch to a different configuration.