ASELBUOY - Passive Directional Sonobuoy

ASELBUOY is a NATO-A size passive directional sonobuoy, deployed from patrol aircrafts and surface ships alike.

ASELBUOY can operate in two different depths (30m and 150m), providing directional acoustic information in the 5-2400Hz frequency band on the horizontal plane. The buoy can send this acoustic information to aircrafts and surface ships via one of its 96 VHF communication channels (136MHz-173.5MHz). VHF communication channel and operating time (0.5, 1, 2, 4 or 8 hrs) are programmable from the user interface on the buoy itself before deployment. VHF communication channel and operating time can also be changed after launch by remote commands. As an expendable system, ASELBUOY scuttles at the end of its programmed operating time.