Airborne Platforms & Air Traffic Control Tower Communication System

Airborne Platforms and Air Traffic Control Tower Communication System provides rotary and fixed wing airborne platforms and air traffic control towers with voice and data communication solutions and Tower Radio Communication Systems.

V/UHF and HF software defined radios are provided to airborne platforms and air traffic control towers for meeting the need of secure air-to-ground and air-to-air communication. This system offers frequency hopping, encrypted and clear voice and data communication options. In the scope of this system solution, integration services are carried in airborne platforms.

Airborne Platforms Communication System

Airborne platform configuration includes 2 V/UHF radio systems for meeting air-to-air and air-to-ground Line of Sight (LOS) communication need and 1 HF radio system for meeting Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS). For each airborne platform, antenna analysis, power analysis, balance analysis, mechanic analysis and EMI/EMC analysis are performed.

V/UHF radio system contains V/UHF Airborne Radio, V/UHF Band Antenna and Remote Control Unit which are compatible with aviation standards.

HF radio system contains HF Airborne Radio, HF Band Antenna, Antenna Tuning Unit and Remote Control Unit which are compatible with aviation standards.

In airborne platforms having mission computer, remote system control can be made on the computer.

ASELSAN has communication system modernization and integration experience on air platforms such as; ATAK T-129, AH-1W, AS-532, S-70, UH-1H, CN235, Mİ-17, Mİ-8, Mİ-24, Mİ-35, SU-25 ve MİG-29.

Air Traffic Control Tower Communication System

Tower communication system consist of V/UHF and HF radios and Tower Radio Communication System. Antenna placement analysis and electrical infrastructure checks are performed for each tower.

Tower Radio Communication System (TRCS) offers a solution for the need of simultaneous use of multiple radios and phones in air traffic control towers.

TRCS contains Radio Switching System (RSS), Voice Recording System, computer with a touchscreen and control software. System also includes accessories for operators.

Radio Switching System (RSS) switches voice/data between radios and phones with tower operators. The desired number of software defined digital V/UHF and HF radios, analog radios and analog phones can be connected to RSS. Since the system has a modular structure, it offers an expansion feature.

All operators are provided with touch screen computers mounted on consoles which are located seeing the whole field. Those screens can be set with different view angles in order to overcome reflection problem due to Sun or room lighting.

Operators can;

    - See how many radios are connected to RSS, which radios go into the receiving state and which radios are used by which operators,

    - Configure the all V/UHF and HF radio settings,

    - Transmit more than one radio at the same time,

    - View field maps

All radio and phone communication using TRCS is recorded to a Voice Recording System which has a redundant structure.