T-72 Tank Fire Control System

T-72 Tank Fire Control System (T-72 FCS) is the combination of extremely effective and flexible lethality options with outstanding tactical operational performance bringing the Next Generation Main Battle Tank Upgrade Solution to the top position among the rivals. Thanks to the compact and light-weight structure of the upgrade solution, the mobility and inertia of the MBT is retained along with amplified MBT performance.

T-72 FCS with novel image processing algorithms provide longer range target engagement on extreme weather and mission conditions. This distinguishing property that most of the modern MBTs do not have grants “see before seen” philosophy.

High precision stabilized Line-of-Sight, which is independent from Line-of-Fire ensures high first round hit probability by providing a jitter-fire, clear thermal/visible image in practically any terrain and at high speeds.

Hunter-Killer mode can be used via two independent periscopes or Gunner’s Periscope and Remote Weapon Station. T-72 FCS is the fundamental constituent of ASELSAN’s Next Generation Main Battle Tank Upgrade Solutions.