SeaEye-CAMGÖZ is a surveillance system specifically designed for detection, recognition and identification of threats at longer ranges during day-night and adverse weather conditions. SeaEye-CAMGÖZ is composed of ASELSAN's EYE Thermal Imaging System which is a genuine 3 - 5 um IR Band thermal camera. The camera is placed on a stabilized platform to operate even on non-static environments. System is suitable for use on ships and boats.

    Boats and Ships
    Commercial and Military Surveillance

Main Fe​atures

    Operation specific continuous and predefined field of view
    Third Generation Thermal Camera System
    Long Range Detection/Recognition/Identification
    Lightweight & Integrated
    Remote Command and Control
    Electronic X2 Magnification
    Symbology Turn ON/OFF/ADJUST
    Image Freezing
    Stabilized Pan & Tilt
    3 - 5 um IR Thermal Detector
    Contrast/Brightness/Polarity Adjustment
    Automatic & Manual Image Processing Algorithms and Focus
    Naval Grade Environmental & Electromagnetic Compatibility

Technical Specificatio​ns
FOV  (S)    2.0˚ x 1.6˚ / 16.8˚ x 13.5˚
         (M)    1.3˚ x 1.0˚ / 11˚ x 8.8˚
          (L)    0.8˚ x 0.6˚ / 6.0˚ x 4.8˚
Focus     Continuous
Optical Zoom    Continuous
Video Output    CCIR (Analog)
Control    RS232/422
IR Sensor    640 x 512 (Cooled)
IR Band      3-5 μm
Feed Voltage    18-32 VDC
Pan & Tilt    360˚ / Stabilized


Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.​