​PIRI is a high performance Infrared Search and Track system designed for maritime platforms in order to passively detect and track multiple air and surface vehicles and missiles with its staring sensors. PIRI is able to observe the perimeter of the maritime vehicle simultaneously in dual-band IR. The large elevation FOV makes the system capable of observe air to surface threats effectively. Display of both MWIR and LWIR spectrum in 360° azimuth as a panoramic image makes PIRI, a comprehensive solution for ships. Distributed Sensor Architecture makes the system modular for any platform.

    Search and Track
    Situational Awareness

Main Feat​​ures

    Passive Search and Track
    Detection and tracking of air and surface vehicles and missiles
    Simultaneous Detection and Tracking of Multiple Targets
    Staring Sensors

                 Very high image update rate compared to rotating systems

                 High image update rate means shorter time for track declaration, better track declaration range performance and                    longer available time for counter measure disposal

                 Very low false alarm rate
    Simultaneous Dual-Band IR Imaging

                 Simultaneous MWIR and LWIR imaging which results in low false alarm rate
    Large Elevation FOV

                 Simultaneous detection of sea-skimming missiles and higher-altitude airborne targets
    Display of both MWIR and LWIR full azimuth 360° panoramic image
    Distributed Sensor Architecture

                 Full azimuth coverage of 360° by placing sensor units around ship mast

                 No blocked view, in contrast to rotating systems
    Movement in Elevation

                 Ability of detecting and tracking of higher-altitude threats
    Accurate Stabilization

Technical Spec​​ifications
Sensor Resolutions    MWIR: 640x512
​    LWIR: 640x512
Field of View (FOV)   

Azimuth: 360°

Elevation: ≥ 17°
Movement in Elevation    -10° to +45° (Each sensor unit moves independently)
Image Update Rate    5 Hz
Multi Target Track    ≥ 50 targets
False Alarm Rate    < 1 per hour
Communication Interface    Ethernet, RS-422
Video Interface    Ethernet, DVI (Digital Video)
Power Interface    STANAG 1008 Edition 9

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.