A230 Night Vision Biocular

​A230 Night Vision Binocular offers high resolution, image intensified night viison in a lightweight, compact and single tube configuration. It is an excellent medium range night vision device.

A200 family of night vision bioculars presents 5 different  magnification alternatives. Each model can easily be converted into an other by only objective replacement. On the other hand A210 has a clip-on 3x extender, either.

    Nighttime Surveillance & Reconnaisance
    Night Patrol
    Night Search and Rescue
    Site Protection
    Night Navigation

Main Features

    High performance at low light levels
    Gen II+/III high performance image intensifier
    3X magnification
    Built-in IR illuminator
    Single AA battery operated
    NBC mask compatble
    Magnification alternatives

Technical Specifications     A230
Field of View     12.3°
F/#     1.35
Magnification     3x
Min. Focus Range    5 m
Interpupillary Distance     55-70 mm
Weight (w/o accessories)    780 g
Other Members of A200 Family
A200 Family     A210    A240    A240L    A260    A260L    A280L
Magnification     1x    4x    4x    6x    6x    8x
Field of View     40°    10°    10°    6.3°    6.3°    4.8°
F/#    1.23    1.55    1.70    2.05    2.40    2.80
Min. Focus Range     0.25 m    20 m    30 m    50 m    50 m    75 m


(w/o accessories)
    580 g    1100 g    900 g    1320 g    940 g    1200 g

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.