ASELFLIR-200 Electro-Optical Reconnaissance and Surveillance System

ASELFLIR-200 is a high performance electro-optical reconnaissance and surveillance system designed for fixed-wing and rotary-wing airborne platforms, including Unmanned Air Systems (UASs), helicopters and aircrafts, and maritime platforms.

ASELFLIR-200 Gyroscopic Stabilized Thermal Imaging System is a multipurpose device that gives the operator surveillance, search and rescue, automatic target tracking, target detection/ recognition/ identification capabilities.

ASELFLIR-200 has two different configurations:

    Only FLIR
    FLIR+ Color Day TV Camera + Eye Safe Laser Range Finder


    Reconnaissance and Surveillance

Main Features

    Compact and Light-Weight System
    High Performance IR Camera
    Color Day CCD TV Camera
    Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder
    Advanced Image Processing
    Target Tracking
    Accurate Stabilization
    Internal Heating/Cooling
    Hand Control Unit (Optional)
    Nose-Up and Nose-Down Configurations

Technical Specifications
IR Sensor Resolution    240x4

Fields of View (FOVs)

    IR: 1.68° - 6.67° - 30°

TV (CCIR): 2.8° - 48°

TV (RS-170): 3.7° - 41.4°
Field of Regard (FOR)    Azimuth: 360° continuous
​    Elevation: +60° to -105°
Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder   

Range: up to 20 km

Wavelength: 1540 nm
Communication Interface    MIL-STD-1553B, ARINC-429
Video Interface    3x Analog CCIR/RS-170
Power Interface    115 VAC 400Hz and 28 VDC

Turret Unit:

Diameter: 330 mm

Height: 423 mm

Electronics Unit:

307x414x199 mm

Turret Unit: 41 kg

Electronics Unit: 23 kg

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.