Supplier Application and Evaluation Process

All applications are received via the ASELSAN Supplier portal where they are evaluated based on the category which the applicant's company profile relate to. Suppliers are categorized as; Sub-contract, Manufacturer, Distributor/Seller, Service Providers and Construction and Infrastructure Suppliers. ASELSAN values the role of the suppliers in its operations and thus the supplier evaluations are carried out by equal importance as well.

​Procurement Methods

Procurement activities are executed as specified in related ASELSAN Procedures with or without tender bid method.

While the overall costs in procurement activities are of great importance to ASELSAN, high quality in production and in-time delivery criteria are regarded as well. ASELSAN aims to sustain the maximum level of competition possible depending on the required specifications and evaluates the quotations received in accordance with this criteria.

ASELSAN acts in line with the ASELSAN Ethical Principals​ in all the procurement activities and thus expects and supports all the suppliers to comply with these principals and work accordingly.

ASELSAN is not obligated with the Public Procurement Law.

Unless stated otherwise, all ASELSAN orders are executed in compliance with the General Purchasing Terms and Conditions.