ASELSAN Conflict Minerals Policy

ASELSAN Conflict Minerals Policy

ASELSAN aims to reach the highest levels of ethical, occupational health & safety and environmental standards together with its suppliers, and has adopted the following policy regarding mineral procurement from conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

Some of the conflict minerals Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum, Gold etc. are used by our suppliers in the production of some products. ASELSAN supports and undertakes to refrain from any action that contributes to the financing of conflicts and to comply with the relevant United Nations sanction decisions and local laws implementing these decisions when applicable, and also that our suppliers and business partners comply with the same issues.

ASELSAN expects its suppliers and business partners to fulfill the following issues within the scope of managing the risks and exposures related to conflict minerals.

- Working together with its suppliers to define the smelter facility, source country, mine location, etc. to identify any "Conflict Mineral" in the value chain,

- Taking actions to mitigate the risks by working with its own upstream suppliers that may have potential risks, to suspend or discontinue the cooperation with its suppliers in case the risk reduction attempt fails,

- Avoiding any attempts to hide or change the origin of minerals, such as bribe offers, requests, etc. and opposing bribery incentives,

- Supporting and contributing to efforts to effectively eliminate money laundering where money laundering is detected in connection with illegal taxation or extortion, trade, shipping routes and access points to mine sites where money laundering is detected.

- Cooperating with suppliers, national or international authorities, institutions, non-governmental organizations and, if necessary, affected third parties in order to prevent or reduce the risks of adverse effects related to conflict minerals.