Uruguay Border Monitoring System Project (UBOMS), which began in 2013 with the signature of the contract between General Command of Uruguayan Army and ASELSAN A.Ş., was completed with success and ASELSAN Mobile Border Security System was delivered to the Uruguayan Army.

The sensors and all units enclosed in the ASELSAN Mobile Border Security System are integrated to the vehicles, provided by the Uruguayan Army. It is possible to conduct surveillance under any weather conditions on 24/7 basis with "ACAR" Surveillance Radar and EO System (Thermal Imager, Day TV Camera and Laser Range Finder), developed by ASELSAN. The System, including the sensors and other units, can be controlled and monitored by ASELSAN Security SW in the vehicle and it will be possible to monitor all the systems and the information generated by the systems from a remote Security Management Center.

ASELSAN Mobile Border Security System (ASUR Mobile®) provides the users with critical capabilities, such as, target detection/recognition, target classification, multi / single target traction, target coordinate estimation and situational awareness of the tactical field on a digital map (Geographical Information System (GIS)).

Being in a leading position in the Turkish defense market, ASELSAN continues her business development activities in the security market (border, coastal, infrastructure, pipeline, military base and public security) for other domestic and foreign projects in South America and other markets.

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