Multiple Rocket Launcher Fire Control System, allows deployment, emplacement and firing control operations to be performed via computer; and digital integration with the other fire support units for rocket systems.

Planning for mission, control activities of sub-units and firing for rockets are performed via Fire Control System.

Important Features

General Specification

  • Performing fire planning and firing mission in digital environment,
  • Location determination via Inertial Navigation System,
  • Fast deployment, emplacement and to become ready to fire,
  • Fast ballistic calculation,
  • Automatic and high precision barrel directioning,
  • Digital Communication with Fire support and C2 systems,
  • Displaying information for combat units on digital map,
  • Mission oriented, menu controlled graphical user interface.

Main System Units

  • System Management and Control Computer
  • Firing Unit
  • Manual Control Unit
  • Inertial Navigation Unit
  • Leveling Control System
  • Power System
  • Digital Radio
  • Motors and Drivers
  • Ground/Low Altitude/High Altitude Meteorological System