T -155 Self Propelled FIRTINA Howitzer Fire Control System

Fire Control System for 155 mm self-propelled FIRTINA howitzers combines fire control with fire direction and provides capability for rapid deployment, repositioning, accurate gun laying and integration to modern artillery command and control systems in order to perform the missions fast, accurately and effectively. 

The system has been indigenously developed to meet Turkish Army requirements and is ready to be tailored for the requirements of other users.

Technical Specifications

  • Fire planning and execution in digital environment
  • Rapid deployment and repositioning
  • Rapid & accurate ballistic calculation using "NATO Armament Ballistic Kernel (NABK)"
  • Automated laying and relaying with high speed and precision
  • Execution of all artillery missions; including time on target, fire for effect, adjustment fire, registration fire and direct fire
  • Digital map display of battlefield information
  • Operability under different unit organizations due to different tactical requirements
  • Mission oriented, menu driven graphical user interface
  • Digital communication and interoperability with C4I Systems 

System Units

  • Fire Control Computer
  • Gunner’s Display Unit
  • Assistant Gunner’s Display Unit
  • Driver’s Display Unit
  • Inertial Navigation System
  • Muzzle Velocity Radar
  • Power Control Unit
  • Auxiliary Battery Unit
  • Digital Radio