Mortar Fire Control System is an integrated system providing calculation of mortar location and heading, ballistic calculation and digital communications and gun laying for mortars.

Important Features

Technical Specifications

  • Rapid deployment and continuous location by means of Inertial Navigation System (INS)
  • Rapid & accurate ballistic calculation
  • Automated gun laying
  • Muzzle Velocity Management using information from Muzzle Velocity Radar
  • Data communications with Fire Support Systems via Digital Radios
  • Mission oriented, menu driven graphical user interface
  • Display of battlefield information on a digital map
  • Calculation and display on digital map of trajectory
  • Precise ballistic calculation using "NATO Armaments Ballistic Kernel (NABK)", Artillery Firing Tables, or specific ballistic software

System Units

  • Fire Control Computer
  • Inertial Navigation System
  • Muzzle Velocity Radar
  • Driver’s Display Unit
  • Power Control System
  • Auxiliary Battery Unit
  • Servo Motors and Driver Unit
  • Digital Radio