HERKÜL – 1D, 24 VDC – 2 x 50 A, Dual Axis Servo Controller

-Servo controller developed for small to medium caliber gun and missile platforms, electro-optics and radar systems

-100 A total current output in independently driven two lines

-Torque, speed and position control, integral stabilization control

-Adaptability to mission requirements owing to DSP technology

-Conformance to military specs (MIL-STD-810 & MIL-STD-461)

-Broad range of interface and sensor options

-Test interface and automated built-in test feature

Product Features

-High efficiency motor control using ASELSAN servo controller technology

-Torque, speed, position and stabilization control

-Application specific configuration (parametric motion limits, no-fire zone, maximum speed and acceleration)

-Extensive built-in self-test

-Over-heat and over-current protection

-Fanless cooling and silent operation

Technical Data

-Drives two 50 A brushless DC motors

-18-32 VDC supply voltage

-Peripheral interfaces:


-Serial (CAN, RS-232/422)


-Encoder (SSI/EnDat)

-Dimensions: 310 mm x 230 mm x 100 mm 

-Weight: 7 kgf

-Conforms to MIL-STD-810 & MIL-STD-461

-Operating temperature: -40°C − +62 °C

-Storage temperature: -40 °C − +75 °C

-Vibration: 15 − 2000 Hz, 0.1 g²/Hz

-Shock: 40 g, 11 ms MIL-STD-810