Urban Railway Signaling System

ASELSAN Urban Railway Signaling System is based on Communication Based Train Control technology. Safety, efficiency, punctuality and high capacity are provided for modern urban rail transportation systems

    Intelligent traffic management for urban railway systems
    Automatic train control and energy efficient driving techniques
    High traffic capacity by moving block technology
    Easy integration an trackside and on board systems by IP based and distributed architecture
    Up to SIL 4 level of safety critical units
    Energy and resource management by intelligent applications
    Reduced operation costs by integrated measurement and inspection systems



    Time table management
    Control and command center systems
    Telecommunication systems
    Interlocking systems
    On-board automatic train protection
    Trackside control systems
    Energy management systems


    EN 50126
    EN 50128
    EN 50129
    EN 50125
    EN 50121
    EN 61000
    IEEE 1474