ASUR-Land (Aselsan Land Border SURveillance Systems)


ASELSAN provides efficient and effective technical solutions related to border security. By means of Automatic Border Crossing Detection (“Smart Surveillance”) provided by those solutions, border station personel does not need to be at the border line in order to observe/determine illegal activities. In this regard, ASELSAN Integrated Border Security Systems offer information on instant activity of the border territory to detect, identify and track smugglers, intruders, illegal immigrants and other threats for twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

The alarms and video images from the surveyed areas are immediately displayed at the all command control levels. Continuous updates regarding the location, speed and course of threats can be displayed on the digital maps to enhance the surveillance accuracy.

Command and Control subsystem, stationary/mobile and manned/unmanned Sensors and Communication infrastructure of Aselsan Integrated Border Security Systems enable reliable, fast, real time Situational Awareness with Detection, Tracking, Classification, Recognation of Targets from the field. Those solutions assure and enhance awareness, easy information management, improved decision making capability, coordination of response forces, responsiveness and precision.

By the existing experience and knowledge, ASELSAN is ready to provide easy to use, modular, cost/performance effective, adaptable, flexible, maintenable, state of the art customized turn-key Border Security Systems.