ASUR-Infra (Aselsan Infrastructure SURveillance/Security Systems)

ASELSAN Critical Infrastructure Protection System enables the detection, identification, tracking of the potential threats, either in the Maritime Zone or on the Land. The System utilizes a variety of Sensors, including Electro-Optics, Surveillance Radars, Automatic Identification Systems, Wireless Sensor Network, depending on the location of the Infrastructure and the Concept of Operations, which provide increased situational awareness of the zone and potential threats.

The System also includes and provides applicable tools in order to isolate the Infrastructure and increase the security level, via establishment of physical barriers, like electronic security fences, Surveillance Towers and also establish counter-measures capabilities with Unmanned Land/Sea/Air Vehicles, RF Jammers and etc.

The main features of the CIPS are Detection and Identification of the Threat, Information Transmittance, Increasing the Situational Awareness, Information Management, Counter-Measure Management and Communication within or outside the Facility.

By the transmittance of the data from the Sensors to the Command Control Centre in / outside the Facility via wireless and / or wired communication systems, the System enables the control of the Sensors and Counter-Measure Units.