ASELSAN Coastal Surveillance System for Critical Facilities / Ports

ASELSAN provides turnkey system solutions for the sea border security of the facilities/ports/military bases.

ASELSAN’s Critical Facility / Port (Coastal) Surveillance System consists of following main unit

- Sensor Stations

- Main Command Control Center

- Infrastructure

Sensor Station

Sensor Station is an unmanned unit. The sensors and other auxiliary equipment are remotely controlled and operated from Main Command Control Center.

Although, any unit can be added and subtracted in accordance with varying needs, typically ASELSAN’s Critical Facility / Port (Coastal) Surveillance System has the following main units.

Surveillance Sensors

- ASELSAN SERDAR Coastal Surveillance Radar

- ASELSAN Electro Optical System​

- ASELSAN Thermal Imager

- ASELSAN Colored Day TV Camera

- Pan&Tilt Unit

- Automatic Identification System (AIS)

- VHF Radio (with DSC feature)

Electronic Equipment (Power Distribution Unit, Cabinets, Processors, switches etc.)​

- Power Distribution Unit

- Cabinets

- Processors

- Switchers

Power, Civil and Communication Infrastructure

- Sensor Tower/Pedestal/Mount, lightning protection, Grounding units.

- Power infrastructure

- Communication Infrastructure​

Thanks to its modular and open architecture, the System can be easily adapted and customized to fulfill varying requirements, i.e. it is possible to add new units /sensors.​