ASELSAN ARSLAN – Mobile Border Surveillance System

ASELSAN develops mobile Border Surveillance System Solutions where it is not appropriate to use stationary surveillance systems due to geographical restrictions or operational criteria.

Although, any unit can be added and subtracted in accordance with varying needs, typically ASELSAN’s ARSLAN Mobile Border Surveillance System has following main units:

- Command Control System and Man-Machine Interface

- ASELSAN Ground Surveillance Radar

- ASELSAN Electro Optical System

-ASELSAN Thermal Imager

-ASELSAN Colored Day TV Camera

-ASELSAN Laser Range Finder

- -Pan&Tilt

- Telescopic mast

- Other electronical units

- Communication System (wireless – WIMAX, Satellite, Radiolink, etc.)

- Thanks to its modular and open architecture, the System can be easily adapted and customized to fulfill varying requirements and can be integrated to any vehicle / platforms (military, non military, armored, extractable towers, etc.)

- The ARSLAN System, with its integrated C2 and sensors have the listed main features:

- Detection and Identification with Radar and EO System

- Target Tracking and display on Geographical Information System (GIS) (Digital map)

- Automatic EO direction / engaregement

- Automatic tracking with Laser Range Finder data

- Analysis (track history, angle/range measurement)

- Built in Test (BIT)

- Etc.