Security Systems

Security systems division carries out activities starting from the requirements specification to design, development, manufacturing, deployment and integrated logistic support for security and surveillance projects comprising:

    Border Security Systems to maintain the security of land borders between countries;
    Coastal Surveillance Systems to ensure the security of naval bases and to monitor maritime borders;
    Facility Security Systems regarding the security of ports, airports, energy production sites and public/private premises;
    Pipeline Security Systems for oil and natural gas pipelines;
    Energy Transmission Lines Security Systems to ensure the security of energy transmission lines;
    Public Security Systems regarding the physical security of public places, monitoring urban areas with cameras, and ensuring the security of information flow and information harmonization among military and civilian security units; 
    Security Technologies to follow the cutting-edge technolog​ical developments by participating in research and development projects, including the ones funded by NATO, European Union and TUBİTAK.    ​