SK2 Direct Mode

SK2 Direct Mode solution, solution is offered as encrypted or non- encrypted for users;

-Demanding usage in a limited area

-Communication over a single base station is sufficient instead of wide area coverage.

-To achieve higher information security level, requesting a protocol and hardware encryption apart from the standard communication protocols

-Occasionally in need of location and data services,

-If the number of user groups is not too large

-There is no obligation to use TDMA (Time-Division Multiple Access) because there is no problem with frequency assignment.

-In general, needs communication on rural / mountainous areas,

The SK2 Direct Mode solution is a communication protocol developed by ASELSAN that is not in the open standard category. For this reason, ASELSAN SK2 radios can not communicate with the radios of other manufacturers and can not be listened by the radios of other manufacturers. This feature makes the SK2 solution powerful for information security.

ASELSAN offers both base station and end-user products (radios and applications) for SK2 Direct Mode architecture.

The following applications can be used in the SK2 Direct Mode solution via field radios:

• Vehicle and Personnel Tracking Application

• Messaging (E-Mail) Application