P25 Direct Mode

P25 (Phase-1) Direct Mode Solution;

The direct mode of operation is offered as an encrypted and / or non-encrypted solution for scenarios whereby:

-Users require a limited area of usage (small coverage area)

-The central management needs to communicate over a single base station (in contrast to multiple base stations of a wide area system)

-Voice communication is the priority, and data communication is not required

-There is no obligation to use Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA) because the number of user groups is not large and there is no problem with frequency allocation

-Communication is mainly required in rural and/or mountainous areas.​

If the communication requirements of users change and they need a more advanced solution, the system can be converted into a wide area mode system (either conventional or trunking) by the means of: 

-Adding base stations

-Establishing a system management center

-Connecting installed base stations to each other and to the switching unit in the system management center

-Programming of the radios according to the new architecture