Mobile Solutions

In case of operations such as search and rescue etc., the teams responsible for public safety may need to be assigned outside of the area they normally operate. This area may be outside of the coverage area of the institution's communication system. In this case, users can use simplex channels (channels with the same receiving and transmitting frequency and no need for repeaters), but the communication distance on the simplex channel is limited to only a few kilometers even in the best conditions.

Users who need to communicate outside of the coverage area of their own systems can increase the distance they can communicate using mobile solutions offered by ASELSAN.

ASELSAN offers mobile solutions for two different scenarios: Mobile repeater radios provide communication without connection to the system and mobile base stations communicate connected to the system.

Mobile Repeater Radios (Mobile Relays)

In situations where a temporary and local coverage area must be created away from communication system, continuous and efficient communication between team members can be achieved by using mobile repeater radios. When mobile repeater radio is used, it is possible to communicate at a much longer distance than the distance obtained by simplex communication.

The usage scenario of mobile repeater radios may have resemblance to the usage of base stations used in the direct mode due to the lack of connection to any system management center and other base stations. Mobile repeater radios, however, can be used either on hand or on the back, providing the advantage of communicating in the desired area instead of communicating in a stationary area.

ASELSAN offers mobile repeater radio solutions with two different mobile repeater radio families and many different models under this product family:

-4900 Atlas Mobile Repeaters

-4700 Mobile Repeaters

Mobile Base Stations

Instead of simply communicating with each other via simplex communication and / or mobile repeater radio, users who are out of range of the system may need to communicate with other radios in the system and the system management center. ASELSAN's mobile base stations are designed to answer this need. Mounting design according to the type of vehicle preferred by the users, installation and testing of the related devices are also carried out by ASELSAN.

ASELSAN repeater radios in mobile base station solutions are provided with the ability to send and receive calls to and from the users with the connection interfaces to the phone stations and external data networks.

Since access to the mobile base station is made via satellite modems, the connection to the radio system is provided independently of the geographical location. In the absence of a satellite connection, the mobile base station can serve the radios in its local area, i.e. it can be used as in the mobile repeater radio scenario.