DMR Direct Mode

​DMR Direct Mode solution;

-Demanding usage in a limited area

-Communication over a single base station is sufficient instead of wide area coverage.

-Priority is the voice communication and  do not require data communication

-It is a critical to use TDMA (Time-Division Multiple Access) because it is important to efficiently allocate the frequency in the region where the communications will be performed.

-Generally, users who are in need of communication in plain areas are offered as crypto and / or crypto-free. 

In TDMA technology, while a call is on the physical channel, another user may initiate a call and continue two different calls on the same physical channel while a physical channel determined in the FDMA technology (e.g., a channel with a bandwidth of 12.5 kHz) is available for only one call. When the number of time slots are increased, the number of calls that can be performed on the same physical channel increases. Since the DMR communication protocol is in the 2 time division TDMA structure, two different calls can be made on the same physical channel, thus ensuring frequency efficiency.

If the communication needs of users change and they need a more advanced solution;

-In addition to the base station installed for the DMR Direct Mode, the establishment of different base stations,

-Establishing a system management center

-Connecting installed base stations to each other and to the switching unit in the system management center

-The programming of the radios according to the new architecture

it is possible to switch to DMR Conventional Wide Area System or DMR Trunk Wide Area System configuration.