Training Services

Customer trainings

Based on customer's design and procurement purposes, they are trained for the most effective and efficient use of the systems / devices. Through the trainings users gain the competence methods of ensuring the continuity of the systems during their life cycles.

User trainings

Theoretical and practical trainings of operation and usage of systems / devices are available.

It is given theoretically and practically for operation and usage of systems / devices. Computer based trainings (CBT) and on-the-job trainings (OJT) are planned due to the requirements. Trainings are given in the classrooms as well as in the areas where the systems are installed. Installation and integration training of the supplied systems are also provided.

Maintenance & repair trainings

Trainings are planned according to the prescribed maintenance levels of the systems / devices which are determined by the needs of our customers and their available capabilities. Repair and maintenance trainings are given theoretically and practically in classrooms as well as maintenance and repair workshops.

System and device failure notices or service requests for on-site response under the contracts executed by ASELSAN for maintenance and repair activities can be reported, tracked and reported by our customers through CRM is provided to ASELSAN customers which enables reporting and tracking of;

    System / device failure notices,
    Service requests and
    Maintenance and repair activities.

Special trainings of  CRM applications are also provided.