Infrastructure and Traffic Analysis, System Architecture and Configuration Planning

Infrastructure and Traffic Analysis

As a result of analyses with the user, the user's communication habits are identified based on information such as the number of terminals of the user, the average call duration, and the total speech duration during the day. In the direction of information such as requirements, the number of radios which are location information to be collected; necessary information is gathered to perform data analysis with special data applications. Then, necessary information for both voice and data traffic is interpreted and the required number of channels is calculated for the optimum channel numbers.

System Architecture Design and Configuration Planning

According to the user's needs and budget, the most effective system architecture is designed and the most appropriate configuration according to this system is planned by ASELSAN. The user needs are evaluated and the suitable radio system selected for the existing infrastructure (Direct mode, Conventional, Trunk, single site, multi-site etc.). When a suitable radio system is selected, both current and future needs of the user are evaluated and the necessary infrastructure is set up to make the radio system suitable for future expansion.