4900 Atlas Repeaters

As 4900 Atlas Repeater radio has lighter and smaller dimensions than other repeater radios, it provides transport and installation simplicity. By this device,

     It is possible to repeat both digital and analogue signals,
     Dual-band (supporting both VHF and UHF frequency bands)
     It can be adapted to many different scenarios by means of its features such as its ability to be used as a mobile relay or terminal with software and hardware changes. (There are also models that only support VHF or UHF frequency bands, if these models are preferred, it is possible to achieve higher transmit power and extend coverage width).

Since it has a Linux operating system, new software / services can be developed and new needs are answered much more rapidly and simply.

In 4900 Atlas Repeater Radio configurations, Aselsan's original design "Mobile Receiver-Transmitter and Repeater Radio Equipment (MATE)" is used as the receiver-transmitter unit. This device can be used for different functions in different scenarios with simple level hardware and software changes.