4700 Mobile Repeaters

In radio communications, repeaters are needed to extend coverage areas for radios. The base station repeats the voice and data it receives from the radio when it is in range of any communication system. If the system is out of range, mobile repeater radios are used to repeat the voice and data when the radios are required to communicate at longer distances.

The mobile repeater radio which is required for out of coverage usage scenarios such as search, rescue, etc. missions, has a critical significance as it is easy to transport and quick to install. The 4700 mobile repeater radios in ASELSAN's product portfolio are designed with this usage scenario in mind. These mobile repeater radios;

     "4700 Modular Mobile Repeater Radio" and
    "4700 Compact Mobile Repeater Radio"
    have two different mechanical designs mentioned above.
    Models running on the P25 and DMR standards are available for the VHF and UHF bands for the "4700 Modular Mobile Repeater Radio". Models running on the VHF band P25 and SK2 (ASELSAN's original communication protocol) communication protocols are available for the "4700 Compact Mobile Repeater Radio".