4900 Atlas Telephone Interconnection Radio

ASELSAN's conventional wide area and trunk wide area system solutions support the ability to make radio calls to and from the phone. In order to support this feature, the telephone network is connected to the management centre of the radio system. The system can be transferred from the calling radio system to the telephone line or from the telephone line to the radio system via switching unit and other necessary equipments.

The phone call feature is not supported because it is not a system management centre for simplex communication or direct mode architecture. ASELSAN has developed 4900 Atlas Telephone Interconnection Radio to support the telephone calling feature in these usage scenarios. 4900 Atlas Telephone Interconnection Radio used for supporting non-system (simplex-direct) mode, is used with a device that converts analogue telephone to SIP.

The highlights of the 4900 Atlas Telephone Interconnection Radio Connectivity Device are:

    SIP / VOIP support
    Works on both simplex and duplex channels
    Plug and play
    Call phone from the radio
    Call radio from the phone (both individual and group call)
    Getting rid of the need of presenter and switching device.

     (All 4700 and 4900 radios supporting ASELSAN's P25 protocol can be used with 4900 Atlas Telephone Interconnection Radio.)

ASELSAN's original design "Mobile Receiver-Transmitter and Repeater Radio Equipment (MATE)" is used as the radio body in 4900 Atlas Telephone Interconnection Radio Configurations. This device can be used for different functions in different scenarios with simple level hardware and software changes.