4900 Atlas Portable Radios

Pioneer Portable radio in possesing the world’s first integrated digital map application.

Using the digital map application of 4900 Series Atlas Portable Radio, it is possible to

    Visualize, vectoral and raster types of digital map.
    Track, instantaneous speed and direction information
    Obtain, navigation information and route tracking information
    Observe, according to the authorization level of the terminal,the instantaneous neigborhood Portable radios at the map which posseses built in GPS module.     

Design purpose of the equipment is;

    To increase field coordination capabilities of teams who are working in public safety area just usage of only an advanced Portable radio without requirement of any personal computer or navigation tools.
    In case of emergency, to provide fast, clear and effective connectivity through a flexible cellular network.

Possesing ARM based Processor with Linux Operating System, 8GB internal memory, embedded GPS module, 2.4” daylight readable colour display, harsh environmental conditions durability properties; 4900 Atlas Portable Radio provides users the adequate platform for digital map application at various scenarios. The Radio, not only has a digital map but also provides applications such as, different data applications, notepad, calender, galery, music player. According to the user demands and requirements, customized applications can also be developed at the releavent platform. Man-machine interface provides ease of use and various type of languages can be supported. 2600 mAh battery powered equipment allows long operation duration and provides uninterrupted application services. With the provided USB interface, the file transfer and hardware programming facilities can be performed very fast and easily

4900 Series Atlas Portable Radio is a multiband and multi system radio (P25+SK2). Multi system configuration structure can be decided and produced according to the customer demands. Without any hardware or software modification the radio can operate in both VHF and UHF frequency bands. (But also there are models which operates only VHF or UHF one at a time.) In case of a demand coming from a user, for the digital channels, hardware or software encryption support can be provided.

4900 Atlas Portable Radios are provided with desktop rest&charge docking station, vehicle charge adapter and radio belt clips. Also it is suitable with various different types of audio accessories.

4900 Atlas Portable Radio which has durability to harsh environmental conditions and ergonomical structure besides differing with embedded applications offered to the users, has helped the Radio World in gaining a new perspective. It has proved its