4900 Atlas Mobile Radios

Wide Range of Usage Scenario

Modern Design


The 4900 Atlas Mobile Radio creates a difference with its wide range of usage scenario and features in public safety communication systems.

The 4900 Atlas Mobile Radio uninterruptedly operates in an emergency situation with its structure resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, rain and dust.

The same device can be used in both VHF and UHF band without hardware and software changes. It can be produced single-band (VHF only or UHF only) in case of a demand.

It is operable with P25 Conventional, P25 Trunk and ASELSAN developed SK2 digital communication systems.

If the location of the emergency is outside the coverage area, non-system support is provided for (simplex or direct mode) digital and analogue channels in order to assure the intercommunication between the assigned teams.

On all supported digital channels, digital clean, encrypted software, encrypted hardware receive and transmit can be made.

With built-in GPS, coordination between the teams is ensured by sending the position information of the radio to the unit which interrogates the radio, preferably from the system channels or from the non-system channels.

In the 4900 Atlas Mobile Radio configurations, Aselsan's original design "Mobile Receiver-Transmitter and Repeater Radio Equipment (MATE)" is used as the radio tower. This device can be used for different functions in different scenarios with simple level hardware and software changes.

The 4900 Atlas Mobile Radio has two different configurations, which are basic and advanced.

    On simple configuration, only the radio body (receiver-transmitter unit), Handheld Control Header, speaker and antenna are found. With this configuration, all voice services can be used.
    On advanced configuration, these units are additionally equipped with the Tablet Control Header and Fitting Slot for the use of data and location services. It is also possible to add various devices with USB connection in advanced configuration.

Tablet Control Header and Fitting Slot

    Original applications for location and data services
    Removing the need for PC in data communication
    Configurable with different peripherals options

It is a feature supported by many radios that the data exchange required by applications on PC is provided by wireless PC connection and used as a wireless modem. The 4900 Atlas Tablet Control Header provides a great advantage to the user by enabling data communication without PC connectivity. Users access the menu, location, and data applications associated with basic voice services through the touch, color, and wide screen of the Tablet Control Header.

Tablet Control Header has an original map application developed by ASELSAN. In the map application, vector and raster maps can be displayed, instant speed and direction information can be monitored, directions can be taken, other GPS radios authorized to watch can be monitored instantly on the map in in-system and out-of-system direct mode channels.

Another unique application is messaging application. Thanks to this application, user files such as reports, protocols, photos can be sent and received on a closed and secure network with crypto. It is possible for the user to prepare a message in a format suitable for the user.

Tablet Control Header works with Android Operating System. In addition to the new applications that ASELSAN has developed and improve in the direction of user requests, applications that are created by users or applications in Android stores (with appropriate features) can also be loaded into the Tablet Control Header. According to the usage scenario, usage with many different applications can be enriched.

Tablet Control Header can offer different interface options according to user needs. It has the infrastructure to support many languages that use different alphabets such as Arabic, Russian and Chinese.