4900 Atlas Desktop Radios

Advanced Compact Design

Usage as Repeater Radio

4900 Atlas Desktop Radio is designed for users who work in units such as the operation center or call center of public safety communication systems.

When placed on a table, it offers a much more comfortable use than other desktop radios in terms of weight and size. There is also a way to cable-mount the Desk Type Control Head, which is mounted in a different position and has a display, alphanumeric keypad, push-to-talk (PTT) latch, microphone and loudspeaker.

The same device can be used in both VHF and UHF band without hardware and software changes. Similarly, without modifying the hardware and software, only by making modes selection P25 Conventional, P25 Trunk and SK2 digital communication systems developed by ASELSAN can be operated.

In case of necessity, the communication between the missioned teams can be operated in non-system (simplex or direct mode) digital and analogue channels.

On all supported channels, digital clean, encrypted software, encrypted hardware receive and transmit can be made.

Data communication can be made by connecting to PC's in central as well as by using Tablet Control Header and fitting slot to make data communication without a need to a PC.

4900 Desktop Radio continues to operate in emergency with its structure resistant to harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, rain and dust.

Due to its high output power, compact structure and resistance to harsh environmental conditions, 4900 Desktop Radio can be used as a repeater radio (relay) in stable and mobile sites with only software modification. If used as a repeater radio, a fan can be added as required.

ASELSAN's original design "Mobile Receiver-Transmitter and Repeater Radio Equipment (MATE)" is used as the radio tower in 4900 Desktop Radio configurations. This device can be used for different functions in different scenarios with simple level hardware and software changes.