4700 Portable Radios

ASELSAN 4700 Portable Radios provide effective, user friendly, continuous and secure communication for their users who require public safety communication such as Police Departments, Paramilitary Forces, Fire Departments, Emergency Health Services and Search& Rescue Teams. These radios proved themselves worthy of being favored with satisfied customers all around the World. As heavy duty radios, they have been operating in various locations and harsh environmental conditions.

ASELSAN 4700 Portable Radios meets customers' requirement with their features such as LCD Monitoring Screen, alphanumerical keypad, high battery capacity, voice quality, ergonomic design, resistant to environmental conditions, usage ease, voice accessories connectivity, visible caller id and built in test. Regarding the needs of the customer, authorization enables to establish a hierarchical structure regarding the needs of the customer. Only predetermines could access some advanced services and menus. When used in the system, in addition to the widely known radio characteristics such as temporary prohibition, blocking, key updating, dynamic grouping, Adding / removing groups from the air, changing parameters from the air (call name, call authority, output power values, etc.), giving operators a much quicker and easier configuration change.

It can be used in system mode when the device is in the coverage of digital trunk and/ or conventional system, on areas where it is out of the coverage of system, in order to provide continuity of communication, it can be used in direct mode with simplex or direct mode channels. In these modes, it can receive and transmit in digital-clear (encryption-free) as well as hardware and / or software encryption. P25 conventional, P25 trunk, DMR conventional, DMR trunk and ASELSAN proprietary SK2 digital communication protocols are supported. It uses the FDMA or TDMA frequency access technique according to the digital communication protocol used. In addition to supporting digital channels, it also supports analog channels for backward compatibility. There are also different models working on VHF and UHF bands for both digital and analogue channels.

It is possible to use the radios as a modem for data applications. By accessing the system via radios and by using wireless-PC connection, accessing ASELSAN applications, text, photograph or document share can be obtained in messaging application and by enquiry application desired detailed informations can be obtained by accessing related database. ASELSAN 4700 Portable Radios have models with integrated GPS (it is also possible to connect external GPS to models without integrated GPS). The location of all radios with GPS support can be instantly displayed on the map by authorized users.