4700 Desktop Radios

Designed and manufactured for use in units such as system management centers, operation centers, call centers, etc., 4700 Desktop Radios are preferred mainly because they can easily access the system through base stations with high transmit power at remote centers.

Desktop Radio has an LCD display, an alphanumeric keypad and an integrated loudspeaker. It allows data communication through the accessory connector on the microphone connector, from the data connector to the PC. 4700 Desktop Radios are used with specially designed power supplies.

4700 Desktop Radios that supports P25 Conventional, P25 Trunk and SK2 digital communication systems developed by ASELSAN, has the ability to communicate on digital simplex, digital direct mode (one relay) and to provide compatibility backwards, on analogue channels. On all supported channels, digital clean, encrypted software, encrypted hardware receive and transmit can be made.

Although 4700 Desktop Radios are designed for office use, they are built to withstand the environmental impacts of high temperature, low temperature, rain, dust and humidity, so that they are ready for the worst case scenarios.