Technology Studies for 5G

Statistical data shows that the number of data traffic and related devices will increase significantly in the near future. It is predicted that current mobile communication technologies will not be able to meet such a demand increase.  Under these circumstances, the necessity of 5G technology development is arising as an inevitable need.

ASELSAN conducts studies to form a technical basis related to the following subjects that are at the forefront of 5G technology:

    Cognitive Radio & Networks
    Ad-Hoc Networks
    Multi Carrier Transmission Techniques
    Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Schemes
    Massive MIMO
    Internet of Things - IoT
    Internet of Vehicles - IoV
    Polar Codes
    Full Duplex Access
    Smallcell Base Station

For this purpose; ASELSAN carries out R&D activities listed below:

    "Multi Carrier Physical Level Solutions for New Generation Tactical Communication Systems Project" with Medipol University. This study will be one of the potential technologies for Internet of Things in 5G.
    "Distributed Pareto Optimization Based Frequency Planning in Cognitive Radio Networks Project" with Ankara University. This study will be able to find an area of use for Cognitive Radio&Networks in 5G Technology.
    "Mobility Modelling Simulator in Cognitive Radio Networks and Development of Distributed Location Determination Algorithms Project" with Ankara Universtiy. This study will be used for situational awareness, location determination and localization in rural side in which 5G base station can not be installed.
    "Development of Integrated 94 GHz Receiver-Transmitter Circuits Project" with IBM. Outputs of this project and the technology will play important role in communication of vehicles to each other (V2V) and to other structures (Internet of vehicles-IOV).
    "Development of 4 Channel 28 GHz Integrated Antenna and Receiver Front End Project". The output of this project will be a technology that will be a basis for "mm-massive MIMO" in 5G.
    A research department which works on "Data Analytics and Big Data" areas is found in ASELSAN. This department focuses its studies on "Context Aware Networking in 5G".
    Apart from these projects, negotiations are underway to launch possible projects with Frounhofer Institute (Germany), Bristol University (United Kingdom), Keysight Company and ETRI Institute (Taiwan).