STC-8250 A Digital Tachograph

​ASELSAN digital tachograph is a recording device that complies with the specifications of the Common Criteria (CC) EAL4+ and the European Union regulation. It records the driver activities, related speed information, periodic (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) driving durations, violations, hardware sabotages and attempts to a hardware sabotage automatically and securely. All data recorded by the ASELSAN digital tachograph is kept at least one year, can be downloaded and analyzed when necessary authorization provided and cannot be manipulated.

ASELSAN digital tachograph is passed all the certification tests which includes functional, CC EAL4+ security and Joint Research Center Interoperability tests successfully. The necessary type approval certificate for production, sales and marketing is received from T.C. Ministry of Science and Technology.

Type approved ASELSAN digital tachograph is compliant with the European agreement that is related with the International road transportation (AETR) and the regulation related to the digital tachograph used in the vehicles involved in international road transportation that is published in the official newspaper, number 27587 and date 21.05.2010.

Digital tachograph is used in 51 countries worldwide which 28 of them are European Union countries. There are only 3 European Union regulation compliant digital tachograph manufacturer which are members of European Union. With the success in the Interoperability tests of the Joint Research Centre of the ASELSAN digital tachograph; ASELSAN, thereby Turkey, is 4th manufacturer and supplier in the World.

ASELSAN continues to work on the smart digital tachograph that is planned to come into operation in European Union.

Digital Tachograph Device Properties​ ​
​Monitoring Card insertions and withdrawals    ​Speed and distance measurement,
​Time measurements,    ​Monitoring drivers’ activity,
​Monitoring driving,    ​Drivers’ manual entries;
1. Begin – end places,
2. Manual driver activities,
Special Conditions,
​Managing Company locks,    ​Monitoring Control activities,
​Detecting events and faults,    ​Built-in tests and self-tests,
​Reading from data memory,    ​Writing to data memory,
​Reading from tachograph smart cards,    ​Writing to tachograph smart cards,
​Display,    ​Printing,
​Warning,    ​Data download to external environment
​Sending the data to external devices,    ​Calibration,
​Time adjustment    ​


    9 different color options for screen and keypad,
    2 languages available,
    Easy to change paper role mechanism,
    User-friendly menu structure,
    Fast smart card reading and data recording,
    Both CAN-A and CAN-C interface support,
    K-line diagnostics,
    Warning signal after 4 hours and 15 minutes driving time,
    Information interface for drivers,
    Over speed pre-warning signal and driver warnings,
    Calculations of the smart driving and rest time which are compliant with the EC 561/2006 regulation.

Digital Tachograph Technical Specifications​ ​ ​
​Installation Dimensions    ​178mmx50mmx150mm (wxhxd),
1-DIN radio slot format ​
​Operating Voltage    ​24V/12V ​ ​
​Measuring Range    ​0 - 220km/h ​ ​
​Operating Temperature    ​​-250C - +700C ​ ​
​Storage Temperature    ​​-300C - +750C ​ ​
​Pulse Range    ​4.000 – 25.000 Pulse/km ​ ​
​Clock    ​Real time clock based on UTC time ​
​Inputs    ​1 x Motion Sensor (real time speed and data signals)
1 x Illumination ​
​Outputs    ​3 x v pulse; 1 x 4 pulse/m; 1 x warning out ​ ​
​Accuracy ​ ​ ​    ​Speed    ​​​± 1 km/h
​Distance    ​​± 1 % ​
​Time    ​​​± 0,5 sec per day
​Weight    ​Approx. 900 g ​