Voice Recording Application

Voice Recording Application, which records the voice from all calls made from wired and radio networks through ASELSAN communication systems, is used together with the voice recording server. This application has following features:

    Provides the ability to listen ongoing or finished recordings,
    While recording, date, identities of talking radios, group number, start and end time of speech are recorded with voice. Records can be inquired based on recording parameters and records can be accessed and listened.
    In order to prevent unauthorized access to the records, access of the  records may be endowed with authority.
    It is possible to store voice records and database to an external environment and restore call information from external environment. Archived recordings can be listened and analyzed on the computer where the Voice Recording Application is located (date, time, ID-based interrogation, etc.).
    Recorded calls can be recorded on an external flash disk or CD / DVD in wav or mp3 format and can be played on any computer. It can also be used as legal evidence in this way
    Approximately 60 (if necessary, can be increased) audio recordings can be done simultaneously.