SCADA Applications

​Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Application in  Aselsan Radio system is implemented as a special data application. Customizations and prioritizations are made in accordance with SCADA data.

SCADA systems usually work in master - slave configuration. Slave devices (RTU: Remote Terminal Unit) respond to inquiries from the master device. In Aselsan radio system, Data Server Service is running as the Master Device in the application server connected to Radio Switching Device. Inquiries come from the data server service and go to slave devices. In data server service, conflict prevention and performance enhancement algorithms are operated. SCADA service is supported in both conventional and trunk radio systems.

Slave RTU devices are connected directly to the serial port. For SCADA RTU, a special protocol is operated on the radio. The radio sends the data packages considered as SCADA data to its attached RTU and sends the data packages from RTU to Central Data Service via the appropriate channel.

The main applications of SCADA system are given below:

    Level control and valve control applications in water depots
    High voltage line control applications
    Oil pipeline safety and control
    Train and Subway line control