Database Query Application

Users can learn about a crucial information on duty from central database through ASELSAN's Database Query Application (whether the suspect has a criminal record or not, the suspected vehicle is stolen or not, etc.)

By using ASELSAN wide area communication system infrastructure,

    Establishing ASELSAN database inquiry application on personal computer / laptop / data terminals and connecting ASELSAN radio to this device,
    Through the integrated database query application on 4900 Handheld Radio and / or Tablet Control Header, the information contained in databases of the system center can be inquired and displayed by the authorized user in the field.

General characteristics of database query application can be listed as follows:

    User authentication property can be found when application is launched. Relevant query options can be used depending on user authority level. User identification information and user passwords are not held on user's personal computer / laptop / data terminal or radio.
    The user has ability to authenticate himself/herself at first entry (log in), to log out at the end of use, and time out if the software is not used within a certain period of time.
    If desired;

      - Transaction logs (log) for the query application,

     - Interrogation and response messages,

     - Information about which users have made queries

can be stored in the central database.

    The following examples can be interrogated (different interrogations can be done via different databases or web services in the user's subnet):

    - Individual Inquiry,

    - Driver Document Inquiry,

    - Vehicle Inquiry by Plate Number

    - Weapons and Weapons License Inquiry,

    The application is in the client-server architecture. The client allows the interrogation to be initiated on the personal computer / laptop / data terminal or on the radio. The server transmits query from the wireless terminal environment to the client by accessing the relevant databases on the network.
    For safety of personnel who initiated the inquiry, response information can be transferred coded to the client.
    When an inquiry transaction is initiated, another inquiry of same type or of different type can be started without waiting for an answer and the user to whom the answer belongs can be notified with an audible or visual warning.