Alarm and Fault Tracking Application

Alarm and Fault Tracking Application System that is developed by ASELSAN for its own communication systems is composed of repeater devices, site equipments, radio station is managed by Fault Tracking Software. The software supports the SNMP and UDP protocols for devices and uses database processing procedures for software alarms.

Alarm and Fault monitoring software consists of two basic software:

    Service Software

The service software collects alarms from the following devices and writes them to the database. For the collection of alarms, both the devices are queried and the alarms (traps) from the related devices / software are evaluated and written to the database without querying.

User interface software displays the information / alarms in the database to the user. The software offers alarm and fault monitoring capability via graphical user interface. Active Alarms and Deactivated Alarms screen is accessed on the home screen that is displayed when you log on.

The following device and application alarms can be monitored in software.

    Repeater Devices,
    Site GPS (via Repeater),
    Microwave radio link,
    Alarm Collecting Device (Alarms are collected from the units such as air conditioner via input / output pins, aircraft warning, door, UPS, fuel etc. and temperature, humidity, smoke etc. can be read through various sensors).
    Passive Cooling Device
    General purpose IP interface control device (IP controlled socket etc.)
    Generator Control Unit,
    Radio Station,
    HP Server and HP Disk Units,
    Crypto Devices,
    Central GPS,
    Software Alarms (such as GPS, SMS and Data Server Services, Console (Dispatch) Application, Voice Recording Application).