A-CNR Mode Waveform

It has an operating frequency band of 30-512 MHz and a channel spacing of 25 kHz. Thanks to its advanced coding and error correction infrastructure, it provides high communication quality even in bad channel conditions.

Fixed frequency clear, fixed frequency encrypted and frequency hopping communication can be performed. Up to 16 kbps half-duplex in synchronous data communication and up to 4.8 kbps in asynchronous data communication are supported with different rates. It also supports IP data communication up to 19.2 kbps data rate. Also, SMS (Short Message Service) service is supported to the user. There is also the ability to scan up to 3 channels with frequency hopping or fixed frequency in this waveform.

Totally 300 preset channels can be loaded to the radios. In addition, desired frequencies can be manually entered and communicated in the 30-512 MHz band at 25 kHz channel spacing