ATOM 40mm High Velocity Airburst Grenade

ATOM 40 mm High Velocity Airburst Grenade developed by ASELSAN is a smart ammunition which is capable of being programmed to the exact time of detonation while leaving the barrel. Once fired, the time-programmable fuze starts to count down for detonation at the intended target point. Using a pre-fragmented shell which is optimized for the target set, high hit probability is ensured.

ATOM 40 mm High Velocity Airburst Grenade is programmed via Fire Control Unit which can be integrated to any automatic grenade launcher with just a few modifications to the gun if needed. Fire Control Unit provides the user to see and approve the target, measures the distance to the target and calculates the time required for the ammunition to air burst.

Together with an anti-drone system (capable of detecting, tracking UAVs) and remote weapon station; ATOM 40 mm High Velocity Airburst Grenade offers an effective kinetic attack capability against mini/micro UAVs.