ATOM 105/155mm Course Correction System

In the conventional artillery fire, the rounds deviate from the intended target as a result of the discrepancies seen in the muzzle velocities. ATOM 105/155mm Course Correction System decreases the dispersion in the rounds and improves the effectiveness of the artillery fire by applying correction to the ammunitions’ ballistic trajectory.

ATOM 105/155mm Course Correction System is composed of a multioption fuze which has air brakes and fits in the same volume as those of conventional fuzes, a wireless transmitter that operates integrated to the fire control system installed on the launching platform and a fuze setter which programmes the fuze according to the selected mode. Muzzle velocity is measured with the muzzle velocity radar of the artillery system. The exact time for deploying the air brakes which are located on the fuze is calculated according to the ammunition’s muzzle velocity and transmitted to the ammunition through wireless communication. Finally, by deploying air brakes, the dispersion in rounds is improved and the effectiveness of the ammunition is increased.

ATOM 105/155mm Course Correction System is a low cost solution that enhances the effectiveness of existing 155mm ammunitions in the inventory (M107, MOD274, K307). It is suitable to be used with FIRTINA system. Additionally, it is possible to use the system with 105mm ammunitions that have the same fuze interface as those of 155mm ammunitions and with 105/155mm artillery weapons (in addition to FIRTINA) which have a modern fire control system and muzzle velocity radar.