25 mm STOP Remote Controlled Stabilized Naval Gun System

STOP is a new generation, cost-effective, medium caliber weapon system for naval platforms fitted with 25mm KBA or 25mm M242 Bushmaster Automatic Canon. The system provides lightweight, versatile and effective means of force protection for applications ranging from capital ships to patrol craft.

STOP has exceptionally high hit and kill probability with an impressive firepower comprising of a two-axis stabilized turret containing an electro-optical sensor suite and fire-control software. STOP is capable of acquiring targets and engaging them autonomously either via the ship's Combat Management System or by use of own sensors   The optical sensor suite of STOP provides enhanced situational awareness and the ability to identify threats day or night, in all weather conditions. System’s electro-optical sensor suite can move independently from the gun, hence enables keeping sight on target without pointing the gun through.

The high accuracy of STOP is achieved by using sophisticated stabilization algorithms and powerful servo drive/control system in both traverse and elevation enabling precision engagement on the target and fire execution under the coordination of a state-of-the-art fire control computer

STOP can detect, identify, deter, engage and destroy threats with a versatile sensors-weapon combination situated on a fully stabilized turret that can be operated from a remote control console. Latest technology fire control capability enables STOP to auto-track a moving target while the carrier platform is stationary or moving.