Ammunition Transfer System

To maintain the firepower of the self propelled howitzers (SpH) in the battle field, fast supply of ammunition is very crucial. POYRAZ Ammunition Resupply Vehicle is capable of loading ammunition in supply area and transferring ammunition to the FIRTINA SpH within the required time and location in all kind of terrain and battlefield. 

POYRAZ Ammunition Resupply Vehicle has the necessary mobility and survivability capabilities for operation within the tactical operational environment of FIRTINA SpH. Therefore Ammunition Resupply Vehicles enhances the FIRTINA SpH’s mobility and provides capability for rapid deployment without being exposed to enemy counterfiring thus enables higher firing rate and shoot and scoot tactical requirements. Ammunition Transfer System which has been indigenously developed by ASELSAN performs loading and unloading of ammunition automatically by means of a four stage mechanism. Control of the mechanism is performed via servo control system.